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  1. 5 mobile trends that are considered as future of Mobile Development!


    It is well-known fact that mobile technology touches new heights every day with a new update. The result of this revolution is the transformation of our brick-sized vintage mobile phone with an aerial into a pocket-sized smartphone. These smartphones enable have us to text, socialize, pay bills within just one click. According to a survey, 98% of the users rely on these technologies heavily.

    So below are some mobile trends that would have an enormous impact on the industry:


    Context is the most important acclaimed trend that is widely used in the market. It hasmany advantages that make operations easy. AS there is a rise in demand of context apps most of the agencies have started designing context-friendly apps. Context is the substitute of advertisement and is the best-proven way to get engaged with customers. The most popular context apps used these days are IBeacons introduces by Apple and Google now introduced by Google.

    Budget quotient

    INFIN Technologies understands the limitation of the budget for a start-up. That why offers affordable web design and development services with modernized ideas on each & every aspect of business services you provide.

    Inexpensive Smartphones

    The demand of inexpensive smartphones is rising these days in comparison to expensive smartphones. This demand has raised the bar of competition within the companies offering cheap phones with similar user interface and features that big brands hold. So, the users are attracted more towards cheaper yet effective options. Even big brands like Apple was forced to introduce entry level IPhones and IPads to stay competitive in the market.

    Work Efficient Applications

    The days are left far behind when phones were used only for chatting and to socialize. These days people have started to use their phones for work as well with the help of productive applications like Dropbox, Google Calendar that are known as the hottest trend in the market. The rise in the development of more productive apps is expected in near future.

    IOT (Internet of Things)

    These devices will keep a track of data and will also help to transfer that data over theinternet without any interaction between humans and computer. For a clear vision lets take an example of a car sensor, it indicates the driver the pressure of a tire is low. Belkin WeMo is the most popular device of this category. It can supervise the things like lamp or blender in your house with the support of a smartphone. This technology is still not in public use, but these type of sensors can be expected shortly.


    Keeping in mind the anti-theft measures, one of the biggest concern is security. These updates are mandatory for the people using smartphones to pay online bills, shopping expenses as well as managing bank accounts. Apple has incorporated Touch ID secure lock to make online payment and shopping safer with that of Android.

    If you are developing a mobile app strategy for future, then make sure to add these trends mentioned above, as they are considered to revolutionize the mobile technology future.

  2. Professional Web Design & Development Agency for Entrepreneurs


    As per the result of a survey, it has been noticed that 80% start-ups give up during first five years. If we talk about online start-ups, then the failure is even quicker. Though there can be ample of reasons behind the demise of online businesses the foremost reason that is noticed is unsuitable technology, partner.

    No doubt that start-up owners hold passion to handle realistic problems, guts to chase their perception, competency to take risk but still, most of them fail to streamline their online ventures due to technology hurdles as they are not familiar with latest trends and technologies. As a renowned professional web service providing agency, offering solutions to global start-ups for many years, INFIN Technologies is well versed in competing with these types of hurdles and have different strategies to make your business successful.

    The agency has taken place as a foremost choice of start-ups for web design, development, as well as for online marketing services. Below are some points that make it best in industry:

    Boundless industry experience

    INFIN Technologies has helped many start-ups to understand the real power of digital marketing when complying with web design and development. Its highly proficient team has provided many clients the advantage of latest technologies and market trends by working on different projects.

    Budget quotient

    INFIN Technologies understands the limitation of the budget for a start-up. That why offers affordable web design and development services with modernized ideas on each & every aspect of business services you provide.

    Flexible working environment

    The team of INFIN Technologies provides a flexible environment to clients. No matter whether they want INFIN'S professionals to become a part of their team or willing to collaborate with them. This flexibility provides start-ups the freedom to get familiar to work closely with the technical team.

    One-stop web solution providers

    From web design to development and SEO to email marketing, INFIN Technologies offers all the service that are mandatory to remodel a start-ups within an established brand. It lies under the category of a one-stop start-ups web solution that consider all relevant aspects that help business to succeed. This status cut downs the need of research, negotiation for different web solutions with various agencies as all solutions are available at one place.

    Devoted project coordinators

    Only top web design and development companies offer loyal advisers to the clients, and INFIN Technologies is one of them. Its professional focus on the ever-changing needs of the business and work accordingly to provide on-time delivery of the project.

    Commitment to start-ups revolution

    INFIN Technologies is a keen entrepreneur supporter focusing on ventures that bring positive change in the success with new revolutionary ideas. Blog-

    Opting a technology partner is the most crucial phase of a start-up vision. As there are limited start-ups, friendly agencies and they are hard to find. So it is recommended to undertake comprehensive research before making a choice for your business. It is the fact that the success of your start-ups is directly proportional to your technology partner.

  3. Things To Consider While Establishing An Android Development Company!


    Android is considered as a most dynamic operating system in the world. It has completely prehend the mobile vend and also raised the demand for Android apps and games among millions of users. There is ample of competition in this field of Android development, as there are a lot of companies offering the similar services. Endowing a company is not a big deal, focus on your aim and check out the latest market trends and the business demands.

    Below are some points that are recommended to consider before establishing an Android Development company:-

    1. Research and Planning:

    Android is a renowned preeminent operating system developed by Google that can be used by mobile phones, therefore, establishing an Android development company is indeed a very good idea. According to research, the percentage of users using Android apps is increasing day by day. So, you are already half of your way in the demand figure. Now the research part is completed, and you have to plan for development area as per the users requirements for their cell phones.

    2. Location and License:

    An Android company has nothing to do with any link or location; one can create software at home without any hurdle. So, it's not considered as an area of concern. But it is recommended to be well certified, professional and licensed. Everyone focus on the quality, not on the quantity.

    3. Finance:

    Before starting anything it's advised to be financially secure and to keep the backup. It is a well-known rule of the Universe, spend something and take something. You have to lose your pockets at the initial stage to reap the benefits at the end.

    4. Hire Best Developers:

    After getting the demand figures, now it's time to work on the development part for being on the top from your competitors. In fact, Android attracts the phones and applications all across the globe and is Android has taken over all the traffic from all other OS.

    Below are some well-known demands of the audience:

    Games: A sublime partner for the youngsters. Programmers always remind to develop games but also put in some study material on them so that they can learn too, and parents do not object on playing.

    Being Social: Yes, of course, who would not like to be social. In today's world the technology is becoming vast day by day, and everyone wants even his/her personal stuff to go public.

    Songs Lover: Music is life and is favored by all the generations.

    Compatibility: It recommended to be sure about the compatibility and the configuration of the mobile phones before making all such applications. People do spend something on the phones so that they can take back their money from the applications. So take care of the compatibility part for sure.

    5. Market:

    Once you are done with the development part, it's time to let the user pay the salary of the developers. Yes, it's time to promote the applications you have built and allow the public to enjoy the features developed by your professionals.

  4. Striking ways to maintain balance between SEO and user friendly Content!


    The basic goal of every business is to get the highest amount of audience that can eventually become their returning customers. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role. SEO, if done in an organic way can take your website to the top of search engine results that in turn will result in a high amount of traffic.

    It sounds uncomplicated, but it's really not. There is a thin line between optimizing content for search engines and ending up with a non-user friendly content. For any business it's mandatory to maintain the balance between SEO techniques and content quality.

    Things can get grubby especially if you make a colt mistake of using your targeted keyword around a dozen times within 500-word content on your website page. Google will identify your page as spam and users will be bored which can lead to the low amount of traffic.

    Moderation is Key !

    Visitors on your website have nothing to do with SEO. They just browse your website to gather information related to their query. The period the user spent on your website is directly proportional to the quality of the content you have shared on your website.

    If the keywords are immensely used, the page will appear tidy and inconsistent to the user while using keywords is a promising way to attract more potential customers as according to SEO, so it is essential to use your targeted words in moderation. Use your keywords in a way that they sound authentic and natural. It doesn't hamper if a page contains ten keywords or one until the material is readable, useful.

    If you are still not sure about a number of keywords you have used are correct or not, there are lot of free keyword density checker tools that are available, which can help you out to double check them.

    Write for the Audience!

    It's essential to keep in mind that SEO is the only way that will get you so far but don't let the keywords take over your page to that extent where the main focus is completely lost. Always keep the audience in mind before publishing a page.

    There are ample of ways that can help in boosting your business ranking in search engine results that won't make you end up sounding up with dull and rubbish content. To be most effective among your competitors, SEO techniques you use should be consistently revised and tested before applying and always be used in moderation. This can be both a DIY job and you can also hire a professional for the same.

  5. Drupal vs. WordPress: Which one is right for your business website?


    Drupal and Wordpress both are Content Management Systems (CMS) that offer ample of similar options for developers, designers, and users. Drupal from the beginning has cherished resilience by introducing new and exciting lineaments as a community of developers. Its latest version offers a routine framework developed to provide a booming set of application program interfaces (APIs). WordPress was primarily a blogging platform that slowly evolved to a full-fledged CMS and further offered alike majestic substrate to build attractive and complex web presences.

    How they stack up next to each other!

    Below are some common features offered by Drupal and WordPress:

    • Categorized user roles: Users are all assigned roles that determine their rights to various parts of the website and the actions granted to them. Several roles are pre-defined, with provisions to configure additional roles with custom permissions.
    • A vast library of easily modified responsive themes: User interfaces are quickly developed based upon the wide variety of commercial and free themes available for either framework.
    • Numerous powerful SEO tools: Twain systems have a wide array of modules that assists in amplifying the traffic to the site and obtaining top Google rankings.
    • Classifications for content: Both systems allow for classification of content in different groupings, which helps in easier access to the data that interests users most.

    What's so great About WordPress?

    WordPress has numerous unique features that enable it to be recommendable, and it has become one of the most in demand CMS options since past few years. Below mentioned are some of its benefits:

    • WordPress delight itself on its quick installation, which requires virtually no expertise. For those with limited knowledge and desire to build their own site, WordPress is the clear choice on the other hand Drupal's installation, development, and maintenance are all more complicated can often be handled by professionals.
    • WordPress has about ten times the market share that Drupal does. WordPress provide more themes and plugins, a larger number of developers specializing on the system, easier troubleshooting via Google search, and ample of other advantages.
    • WordPress offers the choice of free hosting at or paid hosting from third-party vendors. Drupal does not provide any hosting.

    What's so great about Drupal?

    Most of the developers have a softer spot in their hearts for Drupal because it was the first platform where they made their start and also has proven to be their favorite. Below mentioned are some of its benefits:

    • Drupal is more powerful though it was initially a messaging board and was quickly changed its focus to providing a full CMS with a versatile and secure API. WordPress, in contrast, still comprehend between pages and posts providing different behavior for the two.
    • With Drupal, it's easier to create custom types of content, users and categorize in Drupal without writing code.
    • Drupal's smaller install base makes it a less desirable target for hackers. The ROI for a WordPress exploit then is at least ten times that of what Drupal imposes on. Drupal's team also focuses on high value on security, which pays off on most Drupal Modules as well.
    • Drupal performs better under heavy loads and is more scale-able.
  6. HTML5 Brings Tables Back: Contemporary Grid Layouts with CSS Grids


    Back in the days where CSS was a rumour and content and design were not divided, building a website using tables was perfectly common. With the rise of the semantic web tables were redefined to be used only for their original purpose, structuring data, that was meant to be shown in the form of tables. Furthermore, CSS didn't bring forward an easy way to structure layouts in rows and columns. Now, with the new CSS Grids rasterized layouts return and they resemble the way of table-based designs quite closely.

  7. SEO for Web Designers: Best Practices


    As web designers, are we diametrically opposed to search engine optimization? We know that, at its center, web design is about elevating bland information on a screen into something aesthetically delightful and intuitively recognizable. It's also about communicating an idea with other humans. Cave men had cave paintings, Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphs, modern man has web design. Yes, it's just that important.

    So, what happens when the message you're trying to communicate to other humans must first pass through the unrelenting eye of an emotionally crippled robot? That robot cannot compute the value of aesthetics. On the contrary, it can only operate off of its limited algorithm.

    This is precisely why many designers have given up trying to please the robot called SEO.

    No matter what Hollywood tells us, robots aren't the enemy. Just like us, robots are on a mission to contribute value to web users.

  8. Light & Ultra-Thin Fonts for Your New Designs


    Have you ever thought that 90% of the information on the web is text? That's why designers should have a great basis of fonts while formatting a look of written content of the websites they design. Moreover, there are plenty of typography-based project where fonts are the key element.

    We have previously published a showcase of capital fonts you can download, but if it's not enough for you, here are 21 free light and ultra-thin fonts for your future designs. They are ideal for flat and minimalistic design solutions.

  9. Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014


    Every WordPress site owner has their toolkit of plugins they can not live without. Usually it includes solutions for SEO, caching, security, and other improvements. It's an awesome thing about WordPress that in its Plugin Directory there are more than 32,000 different plugins, allowing you do almost whatever you want with your WordPress-based site.

    It's a challenge to find what you need or sort these 32k plugins, so I decided to share out must have WordPress plugins that will be supercharge you to success. Here you'll find essential plugins on SEO, Pinterest, comments, speeding up your website loading, optimizing your images, and many more. So, scroll down and enjoy!

  10. Web and Graphic Design Studio Websites for Your Inspiration


    It's always interesting to see what design creative studios and agencies crafted for themselves. These people design websites for the whole world and come up with new trends and tendencies to follow.

    Someone may think they would use the craziest and far-out designs. But you'd be surprised to know that these creative agencies and design studios choose functional, minimalistic, and simple design solutions. A lot of time and efforts are poured into the sketches, to turn these designs into fruition. Here you'll see 25 websites of the most creative designer, developer, and agency sites handpicked from all around the web.

  1. Wonderful Logo Sketches to Get You Inspired

    Creating a logo is not that simple as it may seem at the first glance. It requires a lot of refinement and improvement before the final logo comes. Ink and a white piece of paper are the best tools for creatives to get inspired. No program can give the same kind of freedom as paper does.

    Most graphic designers put their ideas on paper first, and then edit them with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other digital editing programs. The main goal of any logo is to be remarkable, memorable and simple at the same time.

    Here are 20 wonderful logo sketches from all over the web that could inspire you for your next project which needs illustrations of any kind. Don't pass by our previous collection of typography sketches!