7 Great Web Design Trends For Your E-commerce Website of 2017

April 24, 2017
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The E-commerce design trends change every year just every other thing changes and as the pattern of shopping changes of the customers. Big websites like Amazon takes control of the changes at first as they lead the idea into the market. Moreover, for anyone to survive in the E-Commerce industry, they would need to be a part of the trend and adopt it as soon as possible. But the first part of it is to find out what has changed in the trend of the web design in the year 2017. And that is exactly what we have discussed below.

So, since we are talking about the design trends of the e-commerce websites in 2017, the discussion would again revolve around the main thing which is attracting a lot of audiences. Hence, have a tiny glimpse of all that you need to update on the e-commerce website regarding online advertising to get more traffic and to make them keep visiting. The tips have been shared a top web development agency to help you get into the trend as well and succeed.

Mobile-First Approach

According to the Mobilegeddon algorithm by Google that was updated in 2015 because of the number of people using mobile phones have increased. This made all the e-commerce websites focus more on the mobile-responsive type of design along with the perfect web design. Anyways, the time has changed now, and the e-commerce site owners focus more on the mobile friendly websites and less on the desktop website. This makes the experience for the client outstanding.

Interaction Through Conversational Bots

The new trend of the e-commerce site is to have a virtual shopping assistant that would be beside the online shopper's side. The conversational bots or the chatbots would be providing a more amazing shopping experience that would be highly personalized. The Chatbots would provide assistant to the shopper understanding their needs and clearing all their queries. The Artifical Intelligence powers this and has a conversational user interface. This would keep the customer engaged with automatic sales and communication.

Emergence Of Cinemagraphs

Some years ago GIFs were a common thing, but now the Cinemagraphs are the ones that are taking over the web design. All the web developers are focusing more on this part when they design the website now. Do not know what a Cinemagraphs is? Well, they are still pictures with a bit of animation done with them. They are more engaging than the normal pictures and would give a great shopping experience to the customers. In the e-commerce websites, they can be used in the homepage banners, product images, category headers and a lot more.

Material Design Still Rules

In 2014, the grid-view web design prevailed for a long time, while the users highly appreciated it. For this to rule in 2017, the web designers would need to add in the card-like layout, material designs with shadow effects, responsive animations & transitions, and vibrant colors. E-commerce websites need to adopt everything that would impress the eyes of the users when they visit the website.

Rise Of Bright Colors

The web design of any website would not be complete without the color schemes. And so the e-commerce would need it the most to get the shoppers to buy the products they are selling. The new pattern is to add segments where they analyze the audience based on their age-group and then pick the right colors from the bright palettes according to their preferences.

Long Scroll Trumps Pagination

Since the screen sizes are decreasing and the scroll is increasing, it is better to avoid the idea of pagination in the e-commerce websites. On page should have enough to keep the user engaged since people grow to be lazier for them to move to the next page. SO, the scrolling would take over the e-commerce websites since a lot would be just on one page.

High-Quality Visual Treats

Even though images have always been a part of the e-commerce web design, this year would need a higher quality in the pictures. Moreover, the e-commerce websites would be using videos too for a better visual experience. Web developers and designers are focusing on the larger picture in the background with a high quality and a video about the product on a page.

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