Basic Amendments To Generate Quality Backlinks

October 13, 2015

Google optimization is directly based on the audience flow on your website and the positioning in search result also depends on the same. Backlinks are the way that Google consider as a major factor to rank a website. The website having a high amount of quality backlink will rank on top results over the website having a low quality backlink. It is recommended to concentrate on building backlinks to improve your presence on the web. The mediums to improve your web presence are high PR online journals, social networking links, articles, etc. Though tweet, followers and following on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and +1’s on Google+ are considered as an essential variables for ranking and to optimize a search engine friendly website. Google update itself frequently to counteract spammers having low-quality backlinks as well as low-quality content. One of the most common technique offered by Google to avoid spammers is to apply a no-follow tag, so the social networking sites like FaceBook, LinkedIn and YouTube use this tag frequently. Below are some platforms that allow you to create quality backlinks and are a part of Google Optimization:

Google Profiles

It is suggested to create employee and director profiles on Google+ with custom links and anchor text. Google Profiles does not include no-follow tags and allows to add extra data along with videos and photographs.

Google Places

Add your business to Google local listing. It allows you to use your targetted keywords in the profile and certain fields. This extraordinary source is also without no-follow and provides your website a high visibility in search results as well as provides you the backlink.


It's suggested building a company profile and page on LinkedIn. You can also encourage your workers and organizers to build individual profiles on it. While adding someone in your connection, it will offer a custom anchor text to you.


Digg is considered as an incredible activity era with a substantial group of audience. It allows you to share articles you need to gain traffic on as well as also offers a backlink to your website.


Foursquare allows you to add your website or your online business in records of search engines. It is a business listing platform and offers you a quality backlink as well as a good web presence. Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is a platform to attract relevant audience, as it's the most famous and popular among them. It helps you drive critical presence around the Web with do follow backlink.

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