How to Write SEO Friendly Content

May 9, 2017

It is important that all your website content is SEO friendly, whether you are writing a blog post or a landing page. SEO content is directly related to the ranking of your page on various search engines. Also, if you follow the conventions of SEO, your content will rank high on search engines. It will, in turn, lead to high website traffic and conversions. With a few tips, you can easily produce SEO friendly content. Read the following tips to make the content interesting, rank higher and grab the reader's attention.


It is necessary to research the topic before writing anything. It provides you with a well-reasoned point and helps you in finding the key terms that your readers may be looking for. These terms will help you in creating SEO friendly content. The heading of your title needs a proper research. It should be of high-quality, relevant to the common searches, well-structured and to the point. Most importantly, the search engine should be able to understand what is on your page with the help of your heading.

Content Length:

Word count does not factor in SEO as determined by many people. The appropriate length of the content depends on your audience, genre and how much do you have to say. Depending on a particular subject you may need more or less. Realistically, if you make your content lengthy and difficult to read, it will not gain the required traffic. By sticking to a consistent word limit, content writing becomes more fun and easy. Also, it enhances the ranking of your website.

Unique Content:

It is vital that the content you are producing is original and unique. It doesn't mean that you always need to explore something new or revolutionary. You can say what everyone is saying in your own way. Everyone has a unique view on an issue, and for a good content, you must be prepared with yours. Avoiding plagiarism is very important. You should never copy large chunks of text from the internet without permission. It can bring down your site's ranking considerably. You can use the sources for your argument, but rather than copying the direct quotes, summarize and cite the required quotes with the proper links. When in doubt, you can check your content on various tools like Copyscape to check the plagiarism.

Make the Text Look Interesting:

Formatting your text is necessary to make it interesting to read. Google has quality guidelines, and it keeps a check whether the website is following it or not. There are various methods to make the content enjoyable for reading. You can change the style and size of the font, put the right words in italics/bold as well as underline them. Also, try to avoid the same words, again and again, the content becomes boring if the same words are repeatedly used. Using HTML subheadings in your content helps you in organizing it as well as in improving the readability. Remember not to change the look of your text too much as it may look unprofessional and distracting. For drawing readers’ attention, focus and retain a balance between stylized and the mundane.


Including SEO and readability optimized images in your content enhance it visually. It gives rest to readers' eyes. Breaking your content with relevant images is important. Interesting Images make your content more prone to social websites. If you add keywords to your image with captions, tags, it directly impacts your search engine rankings. The size of the image is also considerable. It should not be so big that your web page takes a lot of time in loading. Also, it should not be blurred.

Making your content SEO friendly is imperative if you want your content to be seen. Optimizing it is also required to attract readers or leads. There is no wrong time to start. If your content is not SEO optimized yet, pick the methods that are effective and take your website to the top.

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