StumbleUpon paid search & Google – the remarketing pioneers!

October 13, 2015
3-a remarketing

Stumbleupon and Google are partnered in terms of marketing and re-marketing for many years. This partnership got success due to its cheap and efficient approach as well as its mindblowing results. It is a fact that Stumbleupon has not received the deserved exposure, but it has got success in generating a loyal fan following and winning the heart of the audience.

How does it work?

Paid Discovery

  • Stumbles are being bought since one and half decade, and this facility has overshadowed the other competitors in the matter of paid discovery though the mechanism is same like other paid strategies.
  • Paid services by StumleUpon are easy to buy, and the targeting is even more comfortable but it's recommended to be careful about the target audience specific to your service or business.
  • The best part about paid search is the lowest bid price, visits and clicks can be $0.10/click. So, if you have a small budget, then it can be the best option for you.

Less User engagement Compared to Others

  • It's agreed that Stumbleupon is not very great to bounce rate, engagement and page views as compared to others.
  • It can be challenging for the marketers as the bounce rate is 90% with 1.1 page views/visit that makes it the least favourite choice of marketers. But, if you are creative and have ample knowledge of your audience and business, then it can be advantageous for you.

Brand Exposure – FORCED

  • StumbleUpon forces the necessary traffic to your landing page by offering an impressive user experience that will result in leads.
  • The approach of stumble is encouraging the product and it makes sure that the users remember your services when he leaves the page.
  • The design of your page also plays a vital role. It should be eye-catchy, brand-defining to attract user and to generate more exposure.
  • The benefit is a high amount of direct traffic to the web pages after a Stumbleupon campaign, as the user remembers your page and delivers immediate results.


  • After an extensive brand exposure, it's time to regain the visit and thus for Remarketing.
  • The procedure is easy to follow, add a remarketing tag to any Stumbleupon page that you want to re-market to expose your business to probable visitors.
For more extensive re-marketing, it provides a devoted page to target a particular audience, region and other details.

Set up Google Remarketing

  • To enable marketing, use Google analytics to fetch re-marketing list and tweak the analytics code. Keep a track of audience flow and use AdWords to create a campaign.
  • Re-marketing might require big budget but guarantee organic clicks and high conversion rate as well as desired exposure to your brand.

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