SEO Copywriting Packages
  • Seo Copyrighting Packages
  • Quantity
  • Indvidual Rate
  • Price (USD)
  • Buy
  • Web Content Writing (300 -350 words)
  • 15 pages
  • $20 per page
  • $300
  • 25 pages
  • $17 per page
  • $425
  • Web Content Editing (400-500 words)
  • 5 pages
  • $10 per page
  • $50
  • 25 Articles
  • $16 per Article
  • $425
  • Article Writing (400-500 words)
  • 50 Articles
  • $15 per article
  • $750
  • Over 50 Articles
  • $14 per Article
  • Press Release Writing (400-500 words)
  • 5 Press Releases
  • $20per Press Release
  • $100
  • Blog Writing (300-400 words)
  • 15 Blog
  • $12 per Blog
  • $180
  • 25 Blog
  • $10 Per Blog
  • $250


Q: How important is SEO Copywriting? Is it okay to skip this part and just Sign up in much important SEO Packages?
A: Keyword-rich content is the key to high positioning. Google guidelines strictly focus on the content which makes SEO copywriting very important now days. You cannot skip this package at any cost. Articles, blogs, press releases, are submitted to attract visitors to your website.

Q: What kind of Copywriting Services does iNFIN offers?
A: Wide ranges of copywriting services are available at iNFIN Technologies. We have a team of writers who excel in writing articles, blog and PR’s, business proposals, documentation, website content, wiki content. Different price packages are available for different word length of the content.

Q: What is the minimum Article Writing order?
A: Article writing orders range from 5-25 pages/articles/blogs. We have separate packages for blogs, articles and PRs. Check our packages section for detailed info.

Q: With up to $20 per PR/Content, would I be sure that you will provide me quality work?
A: Well qualified, skilled and experienced writers our in iNFIN’s team. $20 per PR is worth spending as our writing team has always provided quality work. We have writers who came from different industries like publishing, academe, Internet marketing, media and entertainment, and so on. High-quality, error-free, proofread and unique quality content is what you get from the writers at iNFIN.

Q: Would your SEO Copywriting Services help me converting my Web Content to be cost-effective?
A: Of course, our writers are well trained and experienced in writing Google-friendly and customer friendly content. When it comes to writing web content, we trained our copywriters to always write on the point of view of the page visitors or your target consumers. They have the ability to mend their creativity as per client’s need. Informative, promotional, or combination of both, whatever your need is, our writers can fulfill it.

Q: Have your Writings already boosted your past and ongoing Clients revenues?
A: Yes, iNFIN’s writers have helped our clients reach at the top in Google ranking. Our writers and staff will help you in improving the performance of your company. We will make sure that you will have the best result through a good ranking. Our unbeatable track record made us what we are today, a top SEO company.

Q: Do you also offer Custom-made SEO Copywriting Plans?
A: Yes, we have custom-made SEO Copywriting Plans for our clients. You can contact or email us to discuss with you this matter.